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Showroom of Sant Just Parquets

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The new Sant Just Parquets showroom is located in its central office in Sant Just Desvern, located in Juan de la Cierva, 20, 08960 Barcelona.
It is a space with multiple wooden elements that shows the possibilities of this material, both in terms of colors and textures as well as finishes.
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All types of samples

The image on the left shows a recovered pine flooring, aged by the passage of time and the action of weather effects on it. The combination of the antique-style switch and the rustic door handle stands out.

The photograph on the right shows a table covered with floating parquet in aged smoke gray from the Joan Lao Energía Natural collection.

In these images, taken from two opposite angles of the showroom, you can see the importance of using neutral light so as not to distort the color of the parquet.
As can be seen in the photographs, it is a warm floor, very much in line with current market trends.
In the woods exhibited in the showroom, different details can be appreciated, such as the presence of knots, which add personality to the wood. This is an excellent selection of knots repaired with putty.
It is also possible to recognize the specific grain of the wood in each of the boards manufactured. Each piece is unique, since we are talking about natural products from different trees.
In the first image, looking at the floor, you can see very well the different widths of this floating parquet glued to the floor: from an XL format to a width of 10 cm board. On the left we can see a Hungarian tip format in an aged brown color from the Natural Energy by Joan Lao collection.
The photo on the right shows an aged solid wood plank that serves as a table. In the background, a door lined with raw floating parquet flooring with a highly aged finish, which is heavily scratched and beaten.

Versatility of wood

These images show us the versatility of wood and floating parquet. They allow both lining on furniture as well as on drawers.
In one of the wooden models of a drawer you can see the “saw cut” finish. Through the transversal cuts in the direction of the grain it is possible to give character to the board and increase its strenght.

The old is back

In Sant Just Parquets´s showroom one can see on the iron frames different models of floating parquets, which could be between 80 an 100 years old, rustic, beaten, etc and others more common in multiple colors, both light and dark.
There are 13 panels with A and B faces, which exposes a total of 26 floating parquet references, mostly from European manufacturers.

On the floor there is an oak with patina from a Spanish manufacturer, with different formats in the installation, different widths. The plinth is made of steel. The base is made of steel.

The first image illustrates the detail of the Versailles tiles in brown and light brown, in styles very appreciated by interior designers and decorators. As with Hungarian and spike top formats, old designs are back a trend again. The brown tile has an eroded finish and the clear coat is beaten and imperfect to appear more aged.
On the roof, the battens stand out. These wooden guides that are usually placed under the solid flooring are another element of the wood decoration at Sant Just Parquet´s showroom.

The envelope of the table is made of floating parquet from one of the best Spanish manufacturers, MH Parquets.


Although the wood lining used in the chairs highlights, the lining with recovered pine wood doesn´t draw any less attention in Sant Just Parquet´s showroom. It is a solid wooden flooring that comes from various sprecies of the conifer family (pine, larch, fir…). They remove it from the roof of old farms, old doors, pallets, etc.
The natural feeling is due to the fact that the only treatment received at the factory is a layer of oil. It is naturally aged without artifices or products. t is used mainly for bed headboards, wardrobe doors and linings, although it can also be installed as a flooring.
The first photo shows an aged parquet supplied in several widths everything is treated with natural processes which make wood look naturally aged.
Behind it is a part of a solid Hungarian tip format from the same manufacturer that has a greyish tone as it had aged on the outside.

Extension of the Interior showroom

We have made an extension of the interior showroom so you can see the different finishes, textures, colors and materials and make a composition based on where it would finally installed in your home or business.
In these photos of Sant Just Parquet´s showroom extension, you can see “cross” style oak wood tiles, one in natural oak, in carbonized oak, in American walnut wood model “double cross” and in an oak Versailles model with an aged finish and several samples of solid parquet machined in spike in ipe, iroko and oak wood.
In these two last photos you can see a solid recovered pine wood flooring and another view of our interior showroom´s extension.

Outdoor showroom

We have created an outdoor space to show you our pallets and boards, specially finished to preserve all their properties and withstand inclement weather. We are displaying a variety of sizes, colors, and materials.
In it, you can see heat-treated eucalyptus decking for cladding and unmachined ipe wood planks for fences, among many other options.

Laminate and vinyl showroom

Those who come to our facility in Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona), located in the street Juan de la Cierva 20, will be able to see our newest laminate and vinyl products.