Sant Just Parquets


MH Parquets is a second-generation familiar business that has known how to go beyond the limits and has become in one of the leaders of the industry.
During these four decades it has been incorporating the most modern techniques, investing in R&D, not forgetting its essence and craftsmanship.
It has been the first company of the national and European sector which received the Chain of Custody Certification of PEFC (Association for the European Forest certification), awarded in 2005, with the Sustainable Development Award, granted by the CEOE-Guadalajara.



Some things change over time: the little familiar business established in 1866 by Franz Paul in the Bavarian city of Rosenheim, originally was a tile and brick factory, is nowadays the leading manufacturer of parquet in Germany. Other things remain the same: Even after more than 140 years Hamberger is still a truly familiar company, run by its owners in the fourth and fifth generation. This synthesis between tradition and innovation characterizes Haro flooring brand: In Hamberger great quality wood from sustainable forestry is transformed into soils that revalue any home and make the house a home, thanks to modern manufacturing processes and innovative technologies.


pdf HARO PARKETT 3000 11mm
pdf HARO PARKETT 4000 13,5mm