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Varnishes, adhesives and oils

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Loba is a company specialized in the treatment of the finishing, care and maintenance of wood and cork surfaces. Founded in 1922 and of German origin, it has been in continuous development since its beginning. In 1952 Loba introduces in its range of products the manufacturing and distribution of paints and varnishes. After a generational change, in 1991, Michael Fischer, company founder´s son, Max Fischer, became manager of the company and continues to focus on the conservation of parquet flooring, wood and cork.

With a clear entrepreneurial character, Loba makes innovation its standard, launching to the market in 2000 the varnish without edge glue effect: “WS Global”. Two years later, it presents the first easy-to-apply dye for coloring parquet flooring and “ProColor” wood and the first High Solid primer “HS GlobaSeal” for water varnishes.

Today, Loba exports to more than 50 countries preserving its large market share in German territory.

In 2017 Loba was introduced to the Spanish market by the distributor Sant Just Parquets; positioning itself as a leader company in manufacturing of water based finishes, natural oils, alcohol and oil dyes.


2K invisible protect

2K ultra sport


deck degrayer

deck finish color

deck oil

deck oil color

deck prepare

easy fill pro


hs 2k impact oil

hs 2k intensive color

viva mate

viva prime

viva semimate


ws 2k duo brillante

ws 2k duo mate

ws easy finish mate

ws easy finish semimate

ws easy prime

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For more than 60 years, ARDEX has been supplying chemical products for construction with an excellent quality and workability, proprieties which have made it in leader of quality in the entire industry and in benchmark for both installers and distributors. Today, ARDEX is still an independent family business, capable of setting new standards in the industry without giving up one of its most precious and traditional assets: seamless quality. To achieve this, it applies always the most modern quality assurance procedures and standards. Not in vain, ARDEX is considered the most reliable supplier within the chemical industry for construction.


ardex af 495

arditex na

ardex k14 mix

arditex premium af 460 ms

ardex premium af 480 ms

arditex pu 30