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Since the end of 2016, we are official representatives and technical service for all of Spain of the world’s leading German manufacturer of wood floor sanders. Lägler currently has between 4,000 and 5,000 machines in Spain.

In order to be able to offer the same service as the users of the machines at the Lägler headquarters in Germany, with the same prices for parts and technical service as in the official factory, we have set up a workshop at our headquarters in Sant Just Desvern.

Official Lägler technical service for all Spain

With a toal area of 35 m2 and with all type of machinery and spare parts in stock, for first time in Spain for 7 years, we provide our customers a technical service to maintain their machinery in perfect condition to work through rennovations, repairs or replacement of components. In addition, we have machinery for rent for the professional with two sets of machines in Hummel, Trio, Flip, Elan and Single.

The rental cost for Hummel, Trio and Single machines is 80 €/day. From the twentieth day, the price is reduced by 20 €, so that the daily cost is 60 €/day.

The rental cost for the Flip and Elan machine is 40 €/day.

The machines are delivered in a perfect state of maintenance in order to perform an impeccable sanding.

For this purpose, Carlos Lora, our technician, has received extensive training at the Lägler factory, and is at your disposal for any questions or queries. You can contact him by calling him at 650 47 80 08 or emailing to him at carlos@santjustparquets.com.

Sant Just Parquets offers a Lägler service for the whole of Spain.

Test room and advice on rented machinery

Once the machinery is rented, the customer is shown the optimal state of the same in our industrial parquet installed in our facilities. We also take advantage of the space in case the customer needs advice for the development of the sanding process with our machines and sandpaper.

Sant Just Parquet machinery Lägler

Lägler sanders available in Sant Just Parquets

We have new and second hand machines and we also offer a rental service of sanding machines for days.


Hummel by Lägler - Sant Just Parquets
The HUMMEL belt sander works with a contact sanding roller with a specially profiled rubber coating.


Trio by Lägler - Sant Just Parquets
For sanding parquet, plank or cork floors in a dry environment. Also for distributing viscous preservation and cleaning agents.


Single by Lägler - Sant Just Parquets
It sands wood and cork floors and is used to treat the base layer of the floors. It also distributes cleaning and conservation products and polishes.


Flip by Lägler - Sant Just Parquets
Edge sander that works with a sanding plate to which Velcro or conventional screw sanding discs can be applied.


Elan by Lägler - Sant Just Parquets
Sander for stairs, edges and corners. It works with an abrasive disc on which abrasive discs can be fixed with Velcro or screw.

Lägler accessories available in Sant Just Parquets

Hummel handle

Lägler accessory handle - Sant Just Parquets
For convenient carrying of the HUMMEL with simultaneous loading of the machine with the co-worker. The sensation of heaviness is ostensibly reduced.

Impact tool

Calzo or taco by Lägler - Sant Just Parquets
It is made of highly impact-resistant plastic. It is used to join elements of parquet or slats in the floating or glued installation without any problem.

Safety belt

Lägler Safety Belt - Sant Just Parquets
Suitable for HUMMEL, SUPERHUMMEL and ELF sanders. Unloads the spine and lumbar muscles. Adjustable to hip width and with integrated lumbar padding.

Traction levers

Hummel by Lägler - Sant Just Parquets
They facilitate the installation of parquet. They are equipped with highly impact-resistant plastic blocks and felt to protect the pavement. Available in wide and narrow format.

Transcart transport

Transcart by Lägler - Sant Just Parquets
For easy and comfortable transport of HUMMEL, SUPERHUMMEL and ELF sanders, whether on uneven roads, curbs or not very high stair steps.