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Who we are

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More than 40 years in the sector with the firm purpose of offering excellence in the distribution of all types of wood and synthetic flooring define the path of Sant Just Parquets. Founded by the Hermanos Ruiz and currently managed by the second generation of the family, our company offers a wide range of wood flooring and formats to all professionals dedicated to the sale and distribution of parquet.

Thanks to the constant commitment we have made since 1976 to offer the best of ourselves, many international companies have relied on our products and services for more than four decades.

Our philosophy

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Since its foundation, going through the different stages and trends of wood flooring, Sant Just Parquets has kept its professional, commitment and rigor intact, offering an excellent customer service. One of the key components of the business is its quality in service having a great variety of models in stock.

The installation, construction and after-sales consultancy service is another of the main pillars on which our integral service to the professional is based, as well as a firm environmental commitment, which translates into a commitment to ecological products and mainly Spanish and European brands that show the utmost respect in all their production phases. Among others, they have certifications related to quality management, such as ISO 90001:2015, certification according to DIN EN 14001 and EMAS validation (EU environmental audit), the Forest Products Chain of Custody Certification (PEFC), for sustainable forest management, and the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate, among others.

Sant Just Parquets Offices


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The company essentially serves professionals of Parquet. Given that it has a total area of 2,300 m2 and its own fleet of transport vehicles, product delivery is remarkably fast, independent of the amount of material requested.

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